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A Guide to Adoption: The Basics

Have you decided that you are ready to take the next step in adopting a child? Are you overwhelmed by the process and not sure where to begin? These are the important topics to consider when thinking about adoption. This blog serves as a basic guide to the adoption process.

Adoptions fall into one of two categories. If a family chooses to adopt a child from their country, it is referred to as a domestic adoption. However, some families choose to adopt from outside the country. In this case, they’ll take the route of an international adoption.

Types of Adoption:

  • Domestic

  • There are several different types of Domestic Adoption; related adoptions, agency/child welfare adoptions, private adoptions, and adult adoptions.

  • International

  • As you can imagine, international adoption is a much lengthier process and more costly than domestic adoption.

Open v. Closed Adoption:

An adoption can be either open or closed. This determines the involvement that the birth family will have in the child’s life. An open adoption allows for the birth family to stay involved in the child’s life. The amount of involvement is determined by both the adopted family and the birth family. Whether an adoption is open or closed is a choice that is made between the parties involved.


  • Must be 21 years old

  • May be Single, Married, or Divorced

  • May have no children or have children

  • May own your home or may rent your home

  • Must be residing in Illinois continually for at least 6 months unless waived for a related adoption.

Home studies:

  • The purpose of a home study is to educate the adopting family and prepare for adoption

  • May be conducted by agencies approved by the state

  • Adoptive parents and any adult members in the house must undergo the home study

  • Children between the ages of 13-17 must undergo a child abuse background check

  • Must be completed within 10 days after the petition for adoption is filed


Adoption expenses can vary depending on the type of adoption, whether an agency is involved, and various other factors. These costs can be anywhere from $5,000 to $60,000.

Hampleman Law, LLC is here to help navigate you and your family through the difficult and exciting process of adoption. Be on the lookout for future blogs that go into detail about each topic discussed here. Please contact our office today for an initial, no-cost consultation.

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